Capstone courses are designed by PSU's faculty as community-based learning experiences that engage students in dynamic projects throughout the Portland metropolitan region and beyond.

In these 6-credit courses, students bring the knowledge, skills, and interests developed through all aspects of their education to work for mutual benefit with their community partner, collaborating within multidisciplinary teams alongside their faculty and community partners to imagine and co-create a just world.  

Student with child playing an instrument.

Choosing a Capstone

There are over 200 course offerings to choose from every year covering a broad range of topics.  The choice is ultimately up to you.  Some students choose a course that aligns with their major, others choose a course that will provide them with a new experience to expand their education.  You may wish to meet with an academic advisor or a staff member in University Studies to explore your choices.  A Capstone Fair is held every year in the spring to introduce students to courses and their corresponding instructors.

For a summary of courses and when they are offered, please check out the Capstone Capsule.