Learning Center
Welcome to the Learning Center. Our mission is to foster the learning process by empowering PSU students to accomplish their academic and personal goals. In addition to helping you with your current coursework, our academic support services can assist you in developing effective learning strategies. Please utilize our resources to enhance your academic success.

The winter tutoring schedules below may be revised as we adjust to the term.

Math and Statistics Drop-in Tutor Schedule (double click to open)

  Sciences and World Languages Drop-in Tutor Schedule (double click to open)








Online-eTutoring Tutor Schedule











A screen reader version of the schedules above can be found at the links below:

Math / Statistics Drop-in Tutor Schedule:  https://www.pdx.edu/tutoring/sites/www.pdx.edu.tutoring/files/MTH-STAT_D...
Sciences / World Languages Drop-in Tutor Schedule:  https://www.pdx.edu/tutoring/sites/www.pdx.edu.tutoring/files/SCI-WORLD....
Online / eTutoring Tutor Schedule:  https://www.pdx.edu/tutoring/sites/www.pdx.edu.tutoring/files/ONLINE_Tut...



The Learning Center is located in Millar Library in the NW corner on the 2nd floor.