Institute for Sustainable Solutions announces 98 new Faculty Fellows
Author: Christina Williams, Institute for Sustainable Solutions
Posted: May 25, 2016

PSU’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions (ISS) announced this week a new roster of 98 ISS Faculty Fellows from 30 departments across the University who are actively engaged in sustainability-related teaching and research.  

The ISS Faculty Fellows comprise a cross-campus network of diverse faculty who share the Institute’s passion for collaboration and for using the framework of sustainability to solve complex societal problems.

ISS has had Faculty Fellows since its inception in 2006 as the Center for Sustainability Processes and Practices, but this year renewed a formal call for faculty members to join the Institute. 

“This group of exceptional faculty members helps to illustrate just how important sustainability is to PSU and its professors,” said Robert Liberty, ISS director.  “Our Fellows bring their expertise from the arts, engineering, business, urban planning, humanities, and a broad range of sciences to PSU’s collective effort to further research, teaching, and practical application of sustainability to solve the complicated problems we’re facing as a society.”

ISS Faculty Fellows are eligible to receive support from the Institute and serve as champions for sustainability-related education and research within their home departments and across the University. ISS also encourages Faculty Fellows to collaborate on interdisciplinary research and teaching projects. 

ISS Faculty Fellows are tenure track and long-term adjunct faculty with experience in sustainability and are appointed on an annual basis with an option to renew. They are working on issues including the effects of urbanization, ecosystem restoration, renewable energy, health equity, climate action strategies, and many other important topics. 

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