Sponsored Accounts

If a student has an employer, embassy, or other sponsoring agency paying on their student account, they must present the Third Party Office with a statement of the agreement. The student is responsible for completing this in a timely fashion. The University will then invoice the third party directly for charges on the student's account.

Charges not covered by the third party must be paid by the student according to the PSU Payment Plan. If the third party fails to pay the invoiced charges, it becomes the student's responsibility to pay them.

For questions or concerns regarding third party payments or arrangements, please email 3rdparty@pdx.edu.


If you are an employer wishing to contribute to a student's education, the student can authorize you to make payments to their account online via Banweb. Please contact the student to request authorization, the directions for which can be found here
To make other arrangements, please email 3rdparty@pdx.edu

View the PSU Third Party Agreement


If you are a veteran attending the university on the GI Bill or through other veterans' benefits, please contact Veterans Services to process and certify your VA or DoD education benefits.


Different international entities require different documentation to finalize financial agreements with our office. These can include vouchers, promisory letters, or other forms. Please ensure that you know what documentation your sponsor requires of you, and any additional documentation you must provide them (transcripts, fee verifications, etc.) to ensure continued payment of your student account. 


Please email 3rdparty@pdx.edu with further questions.