Payments are normally due on the 6th of each month, except for the first payment of Winter term. Please see our payment plan page for more information


There are three ways to pay:








Unable to pay your entire balance in full at the beginning of the quarter?  Check out the PSU Payment Plan!

PLEASE NOTE: Signing up for the PSU Payment Plan does NOT automatically enroll you for Autopay! You must sign up for that separately, and re-enroll in both the Payment Plan and Autopay every quarter. 

For information about past-due amounts, visit the Past Due Accounts page for the SFS Collections Office.

Payment Policy

All students registered for courses incur a financial obligation to pay the associated fees for those classes. Portland State University policies require full payment of tuition, housing and other outstanding fees by 6th of the first month of the term, unless otherwise noted. The option of enrolling in the PSU Payment Plan is also available. If payment in full is not received by the 6th of the first month of the term and the student is not already enrolled in the payment plan, a $100 late fee will be applied on the account the next day and the account will be automatically enrolled in the payment plan. If the student's account is enrolled in the payment plan but the outstanding installment is not paid  by the due date, the $100 late fee will be applied the next day. 

All students are required to sign the Terms and Conditions of Payment. Log onto Odin Account Manager (OAM) at to accept the Terms and Conditions of Payment.

Students who discover that they cannot attend must cancel their registration before the first day of the term to avoid being billed. Students will not be automatically removed from classes because they fail to attend. Please login to your Banweb to unenroll from classes if you discover you are unable to attend. 


Charges and payments are posted on a daily basis to student accounts. All financial aid funds must be applied first toward the current term tuition balance. When an overpayment appears on the student account, refunds will be processed according to our refund policy.

To Pay a Parking Citation: 

Please use the Payment Portal for Transportation and Parking Services