Payment FAQs

Q: Why doesn’t PSU take credit cards at the window?
A: In order to meet the State of Oregon mandate of PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance, we are unable to take credit card payments via the cashier windows. As cardholder data is highly sensitive information, the potential for computer fraud is high. PCI security standards require that no credit card numbers are stored on card terminals. By offering CashNet to students, PSU ensures a secure environment for credit card transactions. CashNet payments may be made at the computer kiosks in Neuberger Hall, available during lobby hours.


Q: What is CashNet?
A: CashNet is a payment gateway for Portland State University. CashNet ensures all payments remain PCI compliant and provides a convenient way for students to make payments online.


Q: Why are we being charged merchant fees?
A: PSU strives to offer choices to our students and decided to keep the option of paying by credit card even if it means that there are fees involved. As a state institution, PSU is not budgeted to support these fees; therefore, PSU is faced with the difficult decision to either pass these fees on to students or eliminate the option of paying by card altogether. Because merchant fees continue to rise, other universities nationwide have been faced with the same issue and some have decided to no longer offer the option of paying by card. Unlike traditional merchants, PSU must be transparent and cannot build the merchant fees into the cost of the tuition. Portland State University gets no portion of these fees. PSU recommends paying tuition with e-Check where there are no service fees.


Q: Does PSU receive any of this money?
A: No, PSU does not receive any of this money. The fees are paid directly by CashNet to the credit card companies for processing the credit card payment.


Q: What are my payment options?
A: Please see our Payments Page for details. 


Q: What happens if a check or e-check is returned as non-payable?
A: If your check or e-check is returned due to a closed account, stopped payment, incorrect account number or insufficient funds, we will reverse the original payment on your account and add a $25 returned check charge. A hold will also be placed on your account. PSU reserves the right to cancel your registration for classes if a payment is returned as non-payable. If you feel the check was returned incorrectly, you may petition to have the $25 fee reversed by using the Returned Check Fee Petition Form.


Q: Can a parent or third party Person make a payment on my account? 
A: Students may authorize parents or others to access their PSU ePay account and make payments of their behalf by creating a pin number for them. Authorized payers can view payments made by them, however they cannot see any other account information or authorize other payers. Please see our Payments Page for more details.


Q: Where do I find more information about making payments?
A: You may contact the PSU Cashier’s Office at 503-725-3670 or email the Cashier’s Office at: