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Marty Lowrey
Marty Lowrey

Role: Director of Workforce Development & Training, Child Welfare Partnership, Center for Improvement of Child & Family Services

Education: Masters of Social Work from California State University, Sacramento; Bachelors of Social Work and Bachelors of Philosophy from California State University, Chico.

Experience: Ms. Lowrey currently directs the Child Welfare Partnership training and educational stipend programs. She is responsible for the work of 23 staff focused on strengthening the Child Welfare Workforce and improving the outcomes of children and families who come in contact with the Child Welfare system. In addition to administrative responsibilities, Ms. Lowrey is often asked to participate in and chair task forces because of her capacity for strategic planning, strategic thinking, and inclusion of all points of view. A career social worker, Ms. Lowrey has worked in child protection, clinical and residential work, training and education, and received the Tom Moan award, the state’s highest recognition for child welfare caseworker contribution.

Teaching/Training Areas: Leadership and Supervision, Project Management, Family Systems, Values and Ethics.

Contact Info:; 503-315-4273