BSW/MSW Field Education


Field Education Overview

The School of Social Work endorses the principle that field education is the "signature pedagogy" of social work education and requires that all students have training experiences in professionally supervised, educationally-based field placements. We recognize the need for high-quality field placements which can provide a range of learning experiences focused on the developing professional.

The purpose of field education is to provide students with an opportunity to increase competence in social work skills and professional values in actual service settings. The total curriculum of the School encourages students to integrate theory, knowledge, values, and skills learned in the classroom and in field in order to demonstrate professional social work competencies.

Contact Field Team

Campus Program

Julie Kates »
Director of Field Education
(503) 725-9891

Becca Love »
Assistant Director of Field Education
(503) 725-5001

Jessica Hayes »
Field Program Assistant
(503) 725-5317

Denise Grant »
Field Specialist

Lisa Cordova »
Field Specialist
(503) 725-9912

Joshua Morgan-Griggs »
Field Specialist

Adrienne Graf »
Field Placement Development Specialist
(503) 725-8592


Child Welfare Education Program (CWEP)

Jessica Schmidt »
Assistant Director of CWEP
(503) 725-8018

Karen Moorhead »
CWEP Field Specialist
(503) 725-8074

Laurie Leasure »
CWEP Assistant
(503) 725-8284

Distance Option

Michele Morales »
Southern OR Site Coordinator
(541) 552-8111

Gary Smith »
Central OR Site Coordinator
(541) 420-9946

Val Hamby »
Eugene Site Coordinator
(541) 346-5612

Michele Martinez-Thompson »
Salem Site Coordinator
(503) 315-4592