SEVIS Transfer

This information is for students who...

  • Are currently in the US;
  • Studying at another US school in F-1 status; and
  • Wish to transfer your SEVIS (I-20) record to PSU

SEVIS Transfer Process

Step 1: Apply to PSU.

The PSU International Admissions office will review your application materials and make an admission decision. You must be admitted to PSU in order to transfer your SEVIS record.

PSU's SEVIS School Code is POO214F00056000

Step 2: Submit Documents for your I-20

Financial Documentation: All international students must demonstrate financial support for one year of tuition and living expenses. Review financial documentation requirements.

Transfer Information Form: This form is required in order for your current school to release your SEVIS record to PSU. 

Submit your financial documents and Transfer Information Form by email to

You will be notified by email when your new I-20 is ready. Joshua Davis coordinates the SEVIS transfer-in process for new international students. If you have questions about your SEVIS transfer, you can contact him at