Advising Services

Remote Advising

All adivsing services will be offered remotely until further notice. 

Virtual Front Desk

For general information and quick questions, please visit the Virtual Front Desk. A staff member can chat with you and provide information. The Virtual Front Desk is open Monday - Wednesday, 10:00am - 3:00pm and Thursday, 12:00pm - 3:00pm. 

Contact the office:

  • Email us any time at We are checking email Monday-Thursday and will do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible.
  • Leave a voice message at 503.725.4094. Please include your name, PSU ID, and phone number and we will try to return your call as soon as possible.

Advising Appointments

Appointments are available via phone or video chat. Make an appointment online:

Who is my advisor?

  • Students with F-1 visa: We do not have assigned advisors, but we divide document review requests based on PSU ID so that requests can be processed consistently for all students.
    You can meet with any International Student Advisor whose availability fits your schedule, but we encourage you to meet with the advisor who will be working on your request if possible.
    Last digit of PSU ID and advisor:
    0, 6, 7 - Eric Skaar
    1, 4, 5 - Jonna Lynn Bransford
    2, 3, 9 - Emily Harper
    8 - Christine Igarta
    New transfer students for Summer and Fall 2020: Meet with Joshua Davis
  • Students with J-1 visa: You can meet with any International Student advisor for questions about your J-1 status. For specific questions about your exhcange program, see the advisor who manages your exchange program.
  • Sponsored Students: For questions about your scholarship, make an appointment with Krista Kennedy. You can meet with any International Student advisor for questions about your F-1 or J-1 status.
  • Visiting Scholars: Visiting scholars, faculty, and researchers on the J-1 visa should make an appointment with David Brandt.

International Student Advisors

Make an appointment:
For questions about F-1 or J-1 visa status.

 Jonna Lynn Bransford, International Student Advisor (F-1)
 Last digit of PSU ID: 1, 4, 5 | 503-725-2367 | Karl Miller Center - 660P  
 Make an appointment with Jonna Lynn




 Joshua Davis, Assistant Director, International Student Advisor (F-1 and J-1) | 503-725-4050 | Karl Miller Center - 660G  
 Make an appointment with Joshua




 Emily Harper, International Student Advisor (F-1)
 Last digit of PSU ID: 2, 3, 9 | 503-725-5503 | Karl Miller Center - 660K
 Make an appointment with Emily




 Christine Igarta, International Student Advisor (F-1 and J-1)
 Last digit of PSU ID: 8 | 503-725-9190 | Karl Miller Center - 660B 
 Make an appointment with Christine




  Eric Skaar, International Student Advisor (F-1 and J-1)
  Last digit of PSU ID: 0, 6, 7 | 503-725-4197 | Karl Miller Center - 660A  
  Make an appointment with Eric




International Student Life Advisors

Make an appointment:
For questions about getting involved on campus, financial issues, housing issues, adjustment to life in Portland/the US.
  Jill Townley, Associate Director, International Student Life | 503-725-8563 | Karl Miller Center - 660C  
 Make an appointment with Jill




 Rachel Dietz, International Student Life Advisor | 503-725-9766 | Karl Miller Center - 660L
 Make an appointment with Rachel




 Yoko Honda, International Student Life Advisor | 503-725-5943 | Karl Miller Center - 660M  
 Make an appointment with Yoko



Sponsored Student Program Administrator

For questions about requirements and documents for your government/third-party scholarship.

 Krista Kennedy, Sponsored Student Program Administrator | 503-725-8560 | Karl Miller Center - 660N  
 Make an appointment with Krista





International Scholar Advisor

For visiting scholars, researchers, and faculty on a J-1 exhange.

 David Brandt, International Scholar and Faculty Advisor | 503-725-8596 | Karl Miller Center - 660J  
 Make an appointment with David