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Virtual Front Desk

For general information and quick questions, please visit the Virtual Front Desk. A staff member can chat with you and provide information. The Virtual Front Desk is open Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 3:00pm.

Who is my advisor?

  • Students with F-1 visa: We do not have assigned advisors, but we divide document review requests based on PSU ID so that requests can be processed consistently for all students.
    You can meet with any International Student Advisor whose availability fits your schedule, but we encourage you to meet with the advisor who will be working on your request if possible.
    Last digit of PSU ID and advisor:
    0, 7 - Christine Igarta
    1, 4, 8 - Jonna Lynn Bransford
    2, 3, 9 - Emily Harper
    5, 6 - Joshua Davis 
    New transfer students: Meet with Joshua Davis
  • Students with J-1 visa: You can meet with any International Student advisor for questions about your J-1 status. For specific questions about your exchange program, see the advisor who manages your exchange program.
  • Sponsored Students: For questions about your scholarship, make an appointment with Krista Kennedy. You can meet with any International Student advisor for questions about your F-1 or J-1 status.
  • Visiting Scholars: Visiting scholars, faculty, and researchers on the J-1 visa should make an appointment with David Brandt.

Make an appointment

To see all available appointment times (not advisor specific):

  1. Follow the link for International Student Advisors or Student Life Advisors
  2. On the advisor list page, scroll to the bottom to choose "No Preference."
  3. Select a time from the calendar.
  4. Enter your details and reserve the appointment.

Meet an International Student Advisor:

Meet a Student Life Advisor

To meet with a particular advisor, use the profiles below.



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