University Committees

This page lists University-level committees with Faculty membership: standing committees chartered by the Faculty Constitution; ad-hoc (temporary) committees created by Faculty Senate; and standing committees created by administrative action. If you have questions about a committee for which information is not given below, please contact the Secretary to the Faculty ( for a constitutional or ad-hoc committee, or the relevant administrative office for an administrative committee.

Constitutional Committees

Constitutional Committees are established by provisions of the Faculty Constitution. Members of these bodies are elected by the Faculty at-large or chosen by the Faculty Senate (acting through its Committee on Committees).

The Faculty Senate Steering Committee includes several members elected by the Senate and several ex-officio members. Members of the Committee on Committees (CoC) are elected by divisional caucuses of the Faculty Senate. The Advisory Council and the PSU delegation to the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate are elected by the Faculty at-large.

Members and chairs of all other constitutional committees are appointed by CoC. Recruitment is primarily based on interest in service as indicated in the annual in the Faculty Committee Preference Survey

With the two exceptions of CoC and Steering Committee, all of the constitutional committees are committees of the Faculty as a whole. Membership in them is open to all Faculty members (subject to distribution requirements, etc.), not just Faculty Senators.

Appointment of student members to constitutional committees is the responsibility of the student government organization, ASPSU.

Ad-hoc Committees and Task Forces

Ad-hoc committees and task forces may be established either by Faculty Senate or by the President, with a specific charge and for a defined period of time. Task forces include membership from more than one appointing authority (e.g., Faculty Senate, administration, union). The method of appointment varies as specified in the committee's charter as approved by Faculty Senate. If not otherwise specified, members of ad-hoc committees created by Faculty Senate, as well as Faculty members of joint task forces, are appointed by CoC.

Administrative Committees

Administrative committees are those established by action of the President or other administrative officers. Some administrative committees exist pursuant to federal or state laws and regulations. Some administrative committees have oversight over student-fee-related activities. The appointment process for administrative committees varies: appointment of some administrative committees has been entrusted to CoC; in other cases, appointment is made by the respective administrative liaisons; in other cases, the Faculty Senate Presiding Officer or her/his designee is an ex-officio member; student-fee-related committees are appointed by ASPSU. Recruitment likewise varies: in some instances through the FCPS, in other instances through the respective administrative offices. According to Article IV, Section 4.1 of the Faculty Constitution, CoC recommends Faculty members for all administrative committees.