Graduate Council

Membership 2020-21

Chair: Paul Loikith

Name Division (Department) Start of Service
Beer, John CLAS-AL (ENG) 2020
Daurio, Phoebe OI (IELP) 2020
Donaldson, Amy CLAS-SS (SPHR) 2018
Eckroth, John SB 2018
Ford, Emily LIB 2019
Harris, G.L.A. CUPA (PAD) 2019
Leite, Margarette COTA (ARC) 2020
Liu, Feng MCECS (CS) 2020
Loikith, Paul CLAS-SS (GGR) 2016
Luther, Christina AO (OIA) 2019
Pan, Yangdong CLAS-Sci (ESM) 2020
Read, Sarah CLAS-AL (ENG) 2019
Rissi, Jill SPH 2020
Wakeland, Wayne CLAS-Sci (SYSC) 2019
TBD (2) Students  
    status as of 9/16/20


1. Develop and recommend University policies and establish procedures and regulations for graduate studies, and adjudicate petitions regarding graduate regulations.

2. Recommend to the Faculty Senate or to its appropriate committees and to the Dean of Graduate Studies suitable policies and standards for graduate courses and programs.

3. Coordinate with the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee to bring forward recommendations to the Senate regarding new proposals for and changes to 400/500-level courses so that decisions regarding both undergraduate and graduate credits can be made at the same Senate meeting.

4. Review, at its own initiative or at the request of appropriate individuals or faculty committees, existing graduate programs and courses with regard to quality and emphasis. Suggest needed graduate program and course changes to the various divisions and departments.

5. Advise the Senate concerning credit values of graduate courses.

6. Act in liaison with appropriate committees.

7. Report at least once a year to the Senate, including a list of programs and courses reviewed and approved.


GC Annual Report 2020-21
GC Annual Report 2019-20