Internationalization Council

The Internationalization Council was formed in 2002 for the purpose of revising and refining the goals of the Internationalization Initiative. The Council was reorganized and formally appointed by the Provost in 2008. In the period since 2002, and with input from the campus community, the Council created the Internationalization Action Plan to further the Internationalization Initiative.

The Office of International Affairs, the President’s Office and the Provost’s Office work closely with the Internationalization Initiative to accomplish its goals. 

In cooperation with academic and administrative units on campus the Internationalization Council facilitates:                

  • curricular integration
  • travel abroad opportunities
  • increased international presence on campus
  • increased  engagement with others, both nearby and around the world
  • formation of the Internationalization Council
  • reporting on campus international initiatives and activities

Council Members Academic Year: 2019-2020



Ex-officio Members

PSU's International Vision:

Portland State University’s future will be guided by the understanding, belief and commitment that our students will enter the 21st century as leaders in an emerging global community. The University understands that internationalization must become integral to the fabric of everything that we do. The University administration, faculty, academic professionals and staff believe that we must prepare our students to be not only globally aware but also globally active. The University demonstrates, on a daily basis, its firm commitment to our international mission. Through the integrated efforts of the administration, faculty, academic professionals and staff, we will internationalize our culture to the point that international is no longer something added to the university’s mission, but is seamlessly woven throughout the fabric of our campus. The University will provide every PSU student with the highest quality international education possible within the limits of fiscal responsibility.

Internationalization Goals:

  1. Increase opportunities for every PSU student to have meaningful contact with other cultures through: (a) our academic curriculum, (b) study abroad opportunities, (c) international students, (d) faculty visiting our campus and (e) all other aspects of the campus environment.
  2. Develop university policies and procedures that encourage leadership and innovation in the creation and delivery of a world class international education.
  3. Increase opportunities for PSU faculty, academic professionals and staff to incorporate international dimensions into their teaching, scholarly agendas, programs and professional development.
  4. Build on Oregon and NW Washington’s emerging sense of themselves as places with an international character and critical links with the rest of the world.
  5. Strengthen PSU’s ties with its international alumni to develop their support of our international vision and mission.

IC Internationalization Strategy Report 2012-2020