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Faculty Senate

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Shared governance at Portland State University functions through the Faculty and its elected and appointed governance bodies. The Faculty Constitution defines membership in the Faculty and the Faculty's authority (subject to legal limits) over educational policy, curricula and courses of study, and faculty welfare. The Faculty's authority includes, but is not limited to, action upon the establishment, abolition, or major alteration of the structure or educational function of departments or of programs which include more than one department or instructional unit of the University.

The Faculty normally exercises its authority through its elected representative body, the Faculty Senate.

Assisting the Senate in its work are a number of committees, as defined in the Constitution, whose members are appointed from across the Faculty. Other shared governance bodies elected by the Faculty include the Advisory Council, which advises the President and Senate on constitutional interpretation; and PSU's delegation to the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate, a group which confers on matters of interest and concern to faculty at all of Oregon's public universities.