Faculty Senate
Portland State University Faculty Senate


The Faculty shall have power, subject to legal limits, to take action to promote faculty welfare. The Faculty shall have power to act upon matters of educational policy, to enact such rules and regulations as it may deem desirable to promote or enforce such policies, and to decide upon curricula and new courses of study. This power shall include, but not be confined to, action upon the establishment, abolition, or major alteration of the structure or educational function of departments or of programs which include more than one department or instructional unit of the University. The Faculty will normally exercise this power through its representative, the Senate. (See Article III - Faculty Constitution.)

Faculty Membership

The Faculty shall consist of appointments with the academic rank including designation of professor or instructor, and whose full-time equivalent at PSU is at least fifty percent. Unranked members of PSU who are certified to have academic qualifications sufficient to justify appointment at one of the above mentioned ranks, and whose primary responsibility is for curriculum, subject matter, methods of instruction, research, faculty status, and those aspects of student life that relate to the educational process, and whose full-time equivalent at PSU is at least fifty percent teaching, research, or administration at Portland State University shall also be included in the Faculty. The Faculty reserves the right to elect to membership any person who is employed full-time by any public university in Oregon. (See Article II, Faculty Constitution.)


A second June meeting of the Faculty Senate will be held on Monday, June 8th, 3:00-5:00 (on-line conference).

A live-stream of the meeting will be available here.