Programs in Engineering & Technology Management

Our programs are designed for engineers and scientists who are moving toward management responsibilities while maintaining identity in their technical fields. All programs provide the flexibility to respond to different interests, schedules, and career needs.

Master of Science

The Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management provides a rigorous management education that enables graduates to make sound decisions on business and technology strategy, to manage programs, projects, and teams, and to lead in technology organizations. Full-time students can complete the program in a little over a year, while part-time students take 2-3. Individual schedules vary. We graduate between 30 and 50 students per year.

Graduate Certificates

Our programs move engineers and scientists toward management responsibilities while maintaining their identity in technical fields. All programs provide the flexibility to respond to different interests, schedules, and career needs.

Ph.D. Program

Engineering & Technology Management’s doctoral program offers the academic rigor, depth, and dissertation support of traditional doctorates but with greater flexibility and without a requirement to be a full-time student. ETM has conferred over 65 doctoral degrees. A Ph.D. is a long-term commitment to scholarship and the average time to completion is five to six years. Individual schedules can be considerably shorter but could also be longer.

Affiliated Programs and Credit Sharing

Affiliated programs leverage Engineering & Technology Management’s expert faculty and coursework but are offered by other units. ETM students can apply some credits from these programs towards our degrees:

Master of Engineering (MEng.) in Systems Engineering (independent program, offered through ETM).

Business Intelligence & Analytics Certificate (independent program, offered through the School of Business).

Graduate Certificate in Energy Policy and Management (a collaborative certificate between 5 PSU departments and the regional energy industry).

Dual Master’s degrees: Dual degrees permit students to share credits between the the M.S. in Engineering and Technology and another Master’s program in Engineering that they pursue concurrently.

ETM for Undergraduates

ETM does not currently offer undergraduate programs. However, we welcome undergraduate students through two mechanisms.


University Studies Cluster: Design Thinking, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. ETM offers two courses in this cluster: ETM 347U and ETM 356U


Pathways Program. Currently admitted bachelor students in mechanical engineering can get a head-start on their master's degree by taking up to 16 credit hours of approved 500-level course as an undergraduate, at an undergraduate tuition rate, and apply the credits to their undergraduate and graduate degrees. The 16 credits can include 8 credits from ETM. Please contact your mechanical engineering advisor for more information. Other PSU Engineering programs may grant similar approvals on a case-by-case basis.