Internships are a good opportunity to gain work experience in a new field, industry, and (for international students) country, while earning up to 4 credits towards graduation. They can be paid or unpaid and vary in length. The Department of Engineering and Technology Management does not arrange internships but our college offers career resources specifically for MCECS students, including an internship portal. Additionally, Portland State University has a Career Center that students are encouraged to collaborate with. 

We recommend the following workflow:

  1. Discuss with your advisor how an internship can advance your career and what industries and positions are a good match. 
  2. Think about timing - some students do full-time internships during the summer, others choose part-time internships during the academic year.
  3. Work with either MCECS or PSU student careers services
  4. Find an internship position. Summer internships are often filled in late winter already, so get ahead of the curve.
  5. Meet with your advisor, who needs to determine if the internship advances your education and how to best document your learning. Please bring the position description or offer letter to this meeting.
  6. Together with your advisor, register "ETM 504 Cooperative Education / Internships". This requires a By Arrangement form.