Adding Degrees & Applying Credits

Engineering & Technology Management

Adding Degrees and Applying Credits

I am a Master’s student and I just realized that the credits I earned fulfill the requirements for a graduate certificate - can I get both?

Yes, you are allowed to count the same credits towards the Master’s and a Graduate Certificate. The certificate can help you highlight your expertise in a particular topic area, while the M.S. degree shows the breadth of your knowledge. However, the process is not automatic - you need to officially add the Graduate Certificate to the programs you are pursuing. Please contact our front office as soon as possible to fill out a GO-19 form if you wish to add a certificate.

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I am currently a graduate certificate student and considering getting a Master’s in ETM - do my credits count?

You can add the Master’s Program and pursue the MS and the certificate concurrently. This requires paperwork. Please contact our front office as soon as possible.

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I took a few courses as a PSU Non-Degree Seeking student but I changed my mind and want a degree after all. Can this be done?

It is possible but depends on several factors. Please contact our front-office and your advisor to discuss your specific case.

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A few years back, I took some MBA classes - can I use them toward an MS or Ph.D. in ETM?

This depends on a lot of factors, such as where and when you took the credits and if you used them for another degree. If you are pursuing a Ph.D., it may be possible, but if you are pursuing an MS, transfer courses cannot be more than 7 years old and cannot have been used to complete another program. Please contact our front office and your advisor.

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