Regular Courses

If you are new to PSU, you need to participate in a new student orientation before you can register your courses online. For everybody else, registration occurs electronically through Banweb. If you have any difficulty registering for ETM credits, contact the

Courses that cannot be registered online

The following courses cannot be registered online:


Courses taken without admission

Research projects: Research projects, such as capstones, independent studies, and thesis credits require a conversation with the faculty member who supervises your research. They are registered with a By Arrangement form. 

Other reasons: If you have difficulty registering courses in Banweb, the issue may be your student status, a limit on the number of students, restrictions to certain majors, etc. If the course is an ETM course, contact our front office for help. 


Difference between the 5xx and 6xx sections of the same course

In general, the 5xx section is the Master’s level offering and 6xx section is for doctoral students. In the case of ETM 540/640 (Operations Research), the ETM 640 section is an online offering.


Academic Calendar

Portland State University has an Academic Calendar with important dates for new and continuing students.