ETM's COVID-19 Response

Portland State University is taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. As such, the university is remaining flexible in its response to the pandemic. Please visit the PSU Coronavirus Response website for the most up to date information.
For the time being, all ETM operations are remote. Our front office staff serve as a single point of contact. They can be contacted by email at 

If you want to ask questions, see a friendly face, or just say hello - ETM staff and some faculty offer a Zoom office hour, Monday through Thursday, at 11 am to noon PST. Use this link:

Find more information about how COVID-19 affects the operations of the Department of Engineering and Technology Management below.


COVID-19 Answers

How do I get signatures, now that nobody is on campus?

Our front office staff serve as a single point of contact at They can get required electronic signatures from your advisor and the department chair. Copy them on emails to your advisor if the topic triggers any type of paperwork. You can join our Zoom office hour, Monday through Friday, at 11 am to noon PST. Use this link:

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Are all of your courses offered remotely? What happens when there are fewer infections?

In Fall 2020, ETM will offer all courses remotely. The exact class format depends on the instructor. In most cases, you will be asked to review online content on your own and also attend scheduled class meetings via Zoom. Classes will be small and personal - connections and networking are important to us and we foster interaction in an online environment. 
PSU’s plans for Winter and beyond are still evolving and frequently updated. After we return to campus, we will continue to offer remote options for students who cannot attend in person. We are quite used to this - many of our students travel for work and sometimes have to attend remotely.

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Where do you teach when we come back to campus?

Many things are still open, but we plan to do what we have done for over twenty years: to offer the full program at PSU’s downtown campus, as well as core classes and some elective on our “Westside” campus. The Westside location is in  the building of PCC Willow Creek (241 SW Edgeway Drive, Hillsboro) and is conveniently located near large tech employers. This allows our students to join us without having to commute downtown.

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Can I take PSU ETM classes from outside the Portland Metro Area?

We understand that COVID-19 makes things difficult, whether it is driving to downtown Portland or international travel. In response, ETM all classes for Fall are available for remote access and people can take classes from anywhere in the world. After we return to campus, we will continue to offer remote options for students who cannot attend in person

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I want to advance my career while we are stuck at home because of COVID - how do I quickly get into an ETM program?

Please refer to our department's information on admission.

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My plans changed - how do I defer admission?

Even during normal times, it is not unusual that people will choose to change their term of admission. You will need to fill out the Change of Term form, fill it out, and send it to the front office. Please note that there are limitations to how many terms you may defer before having to reapply for admission. Admission is good for a maximum of one year. (Example: Admitted for Fall 2020, latest deferral is to Summer 2021.)

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