Early Childhood Education


Certificates of completion are awarded to all students who successfully complete a series of linked courses with a defined focus. The certificate distributed upon completion of the identified courses reflects the total number of credits earned (graduate or undergraduate). These certificates of completion have been approved by the appropriate department(s). The individual courses will appear on your PSU transcript. The title of the certificate of completion will not. This series of courses is not eligible for federal financial aid unless taken as part of a degree program.


Formal admission to the university is not required for the Early Childhood Education certificate of completion.

In order to enroll in the Early Childhood Education courses, you will need a PSU student account and computer login credentials (ODIN). Currently admitted students may enroll based on your priority registration status. If you are new to PSU and not planning to complete a degree, you will need to set up a non-degree student account. There are no prerequisites or application.

Questions about the application process?

If you have questions about the application process or are unable to register for classes, contact Elizabeth Snyder at askcoe@pdx.edu.