Curriculum and Instruction On Campus

Curriculum and Instruction


The College of Education’s MA/MS in Curriculum and Instruction is designed for professionals who want to pursue advanced work in education. Courses are intended to help students develop as leaders in their schools and communities or simply increase their knowledge base about how students learn and the best ways to educate them. The on-campus master’s degree is:

  • a non-licensure degree program, culminating in a Master of Arts or Sciences
  • 45-credits consisting of core courses (24 credits required) and electives (21 credits based on student needs and advisor approval)
    • 6 electives are already built into your cohort schedule (can be changed with program coordinators permission)


  • Thursday night fast track during the academic year (one class is taught from 4-6:30; one class is taught from 6:40-9:20)
  • Summer—all core courses offered (one class is taught in the morning for two weeks and another class is taught in the afternoon for two weeks) Online options available with advisor approval
  • Most students complete in 2 to 3 years
  • Hybrid, online, and fully face to face
  • Program planning guide


  • Can be used to earn endorsements, specializations, graduate certificates, or certificates of completion
  • Are not limited to education courses which allows for an individualized curriculum
  • May be transferred into the program provided they meet the University’s transfer credit criteria
  • Are limited to six credits at the 810 level within the master's degree, with advisor approval. No 808 level classes are acceptable.

MA/MS culminating activity

The purpose of the Action Research Project is to study and improve one’s own practice systematically and is accomplished by successful completion of two core courses:

  • CI 590 Action Research Proposal (3 credits) Candidates design and write their independent action research project proposal.
  • CI 591 Action Research Implementation (3 credits) Candidates implement and analyze their project.

We have a commitment to sustaining a vibrant and connected learning community that includes students of color, LGBTQ, and indigenous peoples.

Our curriculum is grounded in social justice research and prepares educators to respond to increasingly diverse classrooms.

Program of study

Course CR # Fall Win Spr Sum
CI 561 Advanced Educational Psychology  3     x x (online)
CI 565 Theoretical Models of Curriculum 3     x x
CI 567 Curriculum and Culture 3   x   x
CI 580 Theories of Instruction 3 x     x
CI 581 Issues in Education 3 x     x
CI 510 Guidance for the Classroom Teacher 3   x   x (online)
CI 590 Action Research Proposal 3 x (hybrid) x    
CI 591 Action Research Implementation
3   x (hybrid) x (hybrid or online)  
CI 501 Action Research Project (by arrangement, taken independently with your advisor any term) 3 x x x x