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Power Engineering


Power engineering plays a significant role in the regional economy, with over eighty companies focused on various aspects of power. These include regional IOUs, munis, co-ops and PUDs; numerous power engineering consultancies; power equipment manufacturers; developers and independent power producers; high-tech firms focused on smart grid products; and federal entities like BPA and the Army Corp of Engineers. Investment in new generation and transmission, innovations in communications and IT, and rapidly-decreasing prices for renewable resources are all contributing to the industry’s growth.

PSU’s MS ECE power engineering track provides an industry-focused educational pathway for individuals who wish to enhance their depth in power engineering. Courses cover topics such as protection, power systems design, stability, planning and operations. Students are exposed to industry-relevant software, including ETAP, PowerWorld, ATP and ASPEN. Classes are offered in the evenings to accommodate work schedules. And, many of the instructors have been recruited from the local power industry.


Students who begin this track should have a solid understanding of power systems components and fundamental power systems analysis techniques. PSU’s ECE 347 (non-rotating power systems components, fundamental analytical methods) and ECE 348 (rotating power systems components, power systems controls) together prepare students well for the MS ECE power engineering track. Students who have taken PSU’s ECE 441 & 442 courses should also be well-prepared to enter this specialization.


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Robert Bass is the program director of the power engineering specializations. His interests pertain to electrical power systems, particularly distributed & renewable assets and the overlaying smart grid technologies that link them together. Current and past projects include; evaluation of power quality of EV charging stations; development of LCOE metrics for energy storage systems; SQP optimization for multi-unit hydropower powerhouses; and, aggregation and analysis of synchrophasor data from distribution feeder circuits.

Power Engineering Lab

Adjunct Faculty

Shawn Chandler, Portland General Electric. Expertise: power operations, smart grid

Afshin Majd, Vestas Americas. Expertise: generation system design, protection

Kishore Patel, Pacific Power. Expertise: transmission planning

Luis Perez, Pacific Power. Expertise: protection, stability, EM transients

Hamid Sharifnia, Pacific Power. Expertise: power systems design

Tom Waters, Pacific Power (ret.). Expertise: power systems design, distribution planning