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Embedded Systems


According to an IDC report, the embedded systems market, which already generates more than $1 trillion in revenue annually, will double by 2015. Embedded systems are computer systems dedicated to a particular functionality, rather than for a general purpose. Such systems typically are required to operate under stringent performance, power, cost, space, reliability, and real-time constraints. Embedded systems are increasingly dominating nearly every aspect of human life. They are used in both consumer and industrial applications, such as automobiles, TVs, cell phones, tablets, house appliances, house automation, and many other application domains. Embedded systems are composed of hardware, software (a.k.a firmware), and include often mechanical parts, sensors, and actuators.

Our embedded systems track provides an industry-focused educational pathway for students who wish to specialize in that growing area. Courses cover both hardware and software aspects. Students in this specialization will learn how to design, build, program, and test entire embedded systems.


Students who begin this track should have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of  microprocessors and programming. Students who have taken ECE 371, 372, and 373 (or equivalent) will be well prepared for this specialization.


Current students can complete the track with either ECE 558 or 582.

Depth and Breadth Course List

Program Completion Form

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Roy Kravitz, ECE, the program director of the embedded systems track. Expertise: embedded systems and FPGA system-on-chip design.

Supporting Faculty

Ala Alameldeen, Intel Corporation. Expertise: computer architecture

Mark Faust, ECE. Expertise: digital systems, computer architecture

Xiayou Song, ECE. Expertise: design automation and formal methods

Marek Perkowski, ECE. Expertise: logic synthesis, intelligent robotics, embedded systems

Y.C. Jenq, ECE. Expertise: signal processing

Zeshan Chishti, Intel Corporation. Expertise: computer architecture

Christof Teuscher, ECE. Expertise: computer architecture, emerging computing paradigms and architectures

News and Updates

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