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Contact Information

Phone: 503-725-4407
Emergency: 503-725-4404
TTY: 971-213-5932
Fax: 503-725-5593
Mail: P.O. Box 751, Portland, OR 97207

In Person: 633 SW Montgomery Street Portland, OR 97201 (located on Broadway & Montgomery)

Directions to PSU

Click on the "directions" link in the Google Map below and type in your origin address for detailed directions to PSU.


Staff Directory

Phillip Zerzan Chief 503-725-4782
Charrie Kafouros Exec Admin Coord 503-725-4012
Robert McCleary Admin Sergeant 503-725-4006
Vince Elmore
Campus Police Lieutenant 503-725-9362
Joseph Schilling Campus Police Sergeant 503-725-4406
Willie Halliburton
Campus Police Sergeant
Matthew Horton Campus Police Detective 503-725-2425
Peter Ward Campus Police Officer
David Troppe Campus Police Officer
Greg Marks Campus Police Officer
David Baker Campus Police Officer
Shawn McKenzie
Campus Police Officer  
Marci Jackson Campus Police Officer  
Chris Fischer Campus Police Officer  
James Dewey Campus Police Officer  
Matthew Masunari Campus Police Officer  
  Campus Police Officer    
Craig Whitten Public Safety Lieutenant 503-725-4009
Gary Smeltzer Public Safety Officer  
Denae Murphy Public Safety Officer  
Brian Rominger Public Safety Officer  
Nichola Higbee Public Safety Officer
Michael Anderson Public Safety Officer  
  Campus Dispatch Supervisor    
Edward Panta Campus Dispatcher  
BJ Tomasko Campus Dispatcher
Bonnie Amlin Campus Dispatcher
Kathleen Evans Campus Dispatcher  
Tamara Navone Campus Dispatcher
Stephanie Tshappat
Campus Dispatcher

  Access Control Requests  
Stacie Potter Access Control Coordinator 503-725-4013
Michael Anthony Access Program Specialist 503-725-4477