Access Control


The Campus Public Safety Office is responsible for providing building access and codes pursuant to an authorized request. Improperly completed access request forms will be denied. Email Access forms to: Please allow 10 working days for requests to be processed.

Building Hours and Access

Authorized Access Requestor Responsibilities Form.pdf- This document explains the duties and responsibilities for the authorized requestor.

Authorized Access Requestor Form.xls - This form is used to authorize requestor and access

FileAccess Request Form.xlsx - Use this form to request after-hours access to a building or room.

PDF iconCampus Master Access Request.pdf - Use this form to request Campus Master Access Only.

FileException Request for Access Building Hours.docx - Use this form to request a building be open outside of regular business hours, or to appeal an access decision.

FileAlarm Code Request Form.xlsx - Codes will be sent directly to the person needing the code as an added security measure.

FileAlarm Access Emergency Form.xlsx


The Lenel System is the University's official Security System for Portland State. If your department would like to request footage of video surveillance and alarm access, please fill out the Lenel Request Form and email it to

Campus Public Safety Office does have authority to deny a request due to a pending investigation, but will allow a request to be submitted again at a later time and date.

FileLenel Request Form.docx

Security Surveillance Camera Policy

If you have any questions about Access or Lenel, please contact the Lenel Coordinator, Stacie Potter at 503-725-4013.


What is the maximum expiration date for Access Cards/PSU ID's?

  • The maximum expiration date for students is 1 year from the date of request.
  • The faculty/staff maximum expiration date is 5 years.
  • For part-time faculty/staff and contractors, the maximum expiration is 1 year from activation.

My access card is not working!

  • Contact your Authorized Requestor.
  • The Authorized Requestor must email to add you to a access list or to fix the problem.