Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate

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The Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate program requires admission as a graduate student. The program requires 21 hours total of graduate classes. There are two core classes for a total of 6 hours. In addition, five elective classes must be taken for the needed additional 15 credit hours.

Certificate Requirements

  1. Gain Admission to our Graduate CS Program as either an M.S. or Ph.D. candidate. Note that an M.S. candidate may choose to either get both an M.S. and the Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate, or just complete the Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate.

  2. Fill out the GO-19 form needed for admission to the certificate program. Make sure you ADD a certificate to your program. You also need your advisor's signature on the form. Your advisor must approve your plan to get the Security Certificate. Please return the completed form to the Graduate Advisor.

  3. Once you have submitted your GO-19 form, the Security Admission Committee will meet and approve or deny your application. Applicants will be notified of the committee's decision via email. 

Course Requirements

Required Core Courses (6)

  • CS 591 Introduction to Computer Security (3)
  • CS 595 Web and Cloud Security (3)

Five of the following courses or approved substitute courses (15)

  • CS 554 Principles of Software Engineering (3)
  • CS 555 Software Specification and Verification (3)
  • CS 556 Software Implementation and Testing (3)
  • CS 576 Computer Security Seminar (3)
  • CS 585 Cryptography (3)
  • CS 592 Malware Reverse Engineering (3)
  • CS 593 Digital Forensics (3)
  • CS 594 Internetworking Protocols (3)
  • CS 596 Network Security (3)
  • Any CS 510 course in Security (3)