Admission to the CS Major

Undergraduate Computer Science Program


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Upon Junior standing (passing 90 credits at PSU), a student may apply to the CS upper division program and become a PSU CS Major. This is contingent upon passing the lower-division CS admission requirements. Only admitted CS Majors may register for 300-level and 400-level CS courses.

The requirements for admission are described in the Bulletin.  To begin the application process, please click the “Apply to CS” button above.  Please make sure that you have all the grades for your required courses on hand before you start the application.

E-mail all questions about Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate admission and course registration (Capstone courses included) to the Undergraduate Advisor (

Admissions Deadlines:

  • For Fall 2021 Admission: April 15, 2021 (the application form is now closed)
  • For Winter 2022 Admission: September 1, 2021 (the application form will open on August 2, 2021)

Timeline: Initial admission decisions will be made approximately 3 weeks after the application deadline.

Proficiency Demonstration: As part of their application to the CS program, all students must satisfactorily complete a programming proficiency demonstration, which is included as part of CS 202 for students who take the course at PSU.  Students who have not taken CS 202 at PSU will be sent a link to sign up for a transfer proficiency demo upon submission and review of their application.  The dates for these proficiency demonstrations are as follows:

  • For Fall 2021 Admission: May 1, 2021 (orientation on April 24, 2021)
  • For Winter 2022 Admission: September 18, 2021 (orientation on September 11, 2021) by appointment

Admission is competitive and enrollment is limited by resources:  In Fall 2020 and Winter 2021, all students eligible for admission with an All Attempts CS GPA of at least 2.0 were guaranteed admission. The same criteria will be applied for Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 admission.

Appeals: Students denied admission to the CS program may submit a written appeal using the official CS Appeals Form to the CS Appeals Committee. All decisions are final.

Advising Guidance for Students

Students are advised to take CS 201 and CS 251 during their application term (Spring for Fall Admission, Fall for Winter Admission). Until you are admitted to the CS Program, you may not register for upper division CS courses, and these are the only CS classes that may be taken between the time you submit your application and when you are accepted into the program.

The first grade of ‘W’ (Withdraw) in CS 162, CS 163, CS 202, and CS 250 is ignored in the All Attempts CS GPA computation. Subsequent grades of ‘W’ in a class are counted as an ‘F’ in computing the All Attempts CS GPA.  A ‘Withdraw’ is different than a ‘Drop’ since a dropped course does not appear on your academic record, and a withdrawn course appears with a grade of ‘W.’ Typically, at PSU you may drop a course through the second week of the term. After the second week of the term, you may only withdraw from a course. Make sure you are familiar with your institution’s Drop/Withdraw deadlines and policies.

If you are not admitted to the CS Program, you may meet the requirements for the Computer Science Minor.