Honors Track

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The Computer Science Honors Program provides a valuable opportunity for qualified students to research a specialty area within Computer Science with a faculty advisor. 

Admission Requirements

Program Requirements

Upon acceptance to the CS Honors program, the student must declare a research area of interest within Computer Science no later than the beginning of their Senior year (preferably by Spring quarter of Junior year). The CS Chair will assign a faculty advisor to help an Honors student complete a written proposal for the Honors thesis research. CS Honors theses will follow ACM document guidelines for style and formatting. The Honors thesis research is usually conducted after the completing the course requirements of the student's Junior year. 

Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of a written Honors thesis, in conjunction with a faculty advisor, with a minimum grade of B+.
  • Presentation of research to CS faculty and students in a seminar format.
  • Minimum overall 3.5 PSU GPA

Note: Honors Thesis (CS 403) may qualify as an approved CS elective.