Computer Science Minor

Park Blocks - Fall

Program Requirements

The CS minor coursework enables students to learn one or more current programming languages and to develop and practice their problem-solving skills. Earning a CS minor in addition to a major program of study gives students seeking careers in liberal arts, business, health, and other fields an opportunity to increase their competitiveness in our increasingly technology-driven workplace. 

To earn a minor in computer science, a student must complete the requirements in the Bulletin.

For guidance on how to add the minor to your degree program or graduation application or to ask questions relating to course selection, please contact Barbara, our Undergraduate Advisor, at

Program Requirements (Spring 2019 Bulletin or earlier)

A different set of requirements is required for the CS Minor for students graduating under the Spring 2019 Bulletin or earlier. A student must complete 36 credits of Computer Science courses: 

  • CS 162 Introduction to Computer Science (4)
  • CS 163 Data Structures (4)
  • CS 201 Computer Systems Programming (4)
  • CS 202 Programming Systems (4)
  • Lower/Upper Division Computer Science Elective #1 (4)
  • Lower/Upper Division Computer Science Elective #2 (4)
  • Upper Division Computer Science Elective #1 (4)
  • Upper Division Computer Science Elective #2 (4)
  • Upper Division Computer Science Elective #3 (4)

CS lower division electives: Any 100- or 200- level CS course. CS upper division electives are any regular 300- and 400-level computer science course plus CS 401, CS 405, and CS 406.  Additional courses are: ECE 455, ECE 456, ECE 485, and ECE 486.

Only grades of C or better count toward departmental requirements. CS 404 is excluded from the list of CS electives. At least 18 of the required 36 credits must be taken at Portland State University.

Admission to the CS minor requires successful completion of a programming proficiency demonstration (consult with the CS advisers for details).