Graduate Assistantships

Computer Science Graduate Assistants (GAs) are graduate students who are hired to perform instructional, research, or administrative duties for the department. Graduate Assistants at Portland State University are represented by the PSU Graduate Employees Union, AFT/AAUP. 

Teaching Assistantships

A limited number of teaching assistantships are available to our best-qualified graduate students. These assistantships are granted for one term at a time, and are renewable based on the student's performance in coursework and TA responsibilities. A teaching assistantship pays a monthly stipend and a tuition remission. The student might teach a course under the supervision of a faculty member or grade papers for approximately 15-20 hours per week. 

Our selection process for teaching assistants are similar to those used for graduate admission: grades, references, GRE scores, plus evidence of teaching experience or ability. 

Research Assistantships

Faculty in the department have research grants that support research assistants (RAs). Faculty members choose RAs on an individual basis, but the most important criterion is the student's ability to contribute to the professor's research program. Ordinarily, students are given a research assistantship only after they have been in the graduate program for at least one term and have taken at least one class from the professor. 

After advancing to candidacy (see doctoral program), doctoral students are normally supported by a research assistantship with their dissertation adviser and may be able to use the work supported by the assistantship as a part of their own research.