Research Areas

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Research Areas

The department has a number of active research areas. For more information of a research area, see the individual faculty web pages. 


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

•  Melanie Mitchell  •  Bryant York  •




Computer Graphics and Vision

•  Feng Liu  •  Wu-chi Feng

Read more about the Computer Graphics & Vision Lab and the Graphics & Vision Reading Group.



Computer Science Education

•  Karen Karavanic  •




Computer Security

• Jim Hook • Wu-chang Feng • Charles Wright • Fang Song •





•  David Maier  •  Kristin Tufte  •

Read more about the Database Reading Group



Programming Languages

•  Sergio Antoy  •  Andrew Black  •  Jim Hook  •  Mark Jones  •  Tim Sheard  •  Andrew Tolmach  •

Read more about the High-Assurance Systems Programming group (HASP).



Software Engineering

•  Warren Harrison  •  Bart Massey  •  Fei Xie  •




Systems and Networking
•  Nirupama Bulusu  •  Wu-chi Feng  •  Wu-chang Feng  •  Karen Karavanic  •  Suresh Singh  •





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