Guide for Supervisors of Student Employees

This guide is designed to support supervisors in effectively directing the work of student employees. It includes policies, procedures, and practices to support student employees in their professional development. All those who supervise or direct the work of students must do so consistently, in compliance with federal and state laws and the values and policies of the University.

Additionally, the Office of Human Resources ( is here to support student employees and their supervisors throughout the employment experience.

Student Employment Stages
Step 1:
Recruitment, Selection, and Hiring
  • Create an effective student position description
  • Determining rate of pay
  • Where to advertise position
  • The selection process and interviewing
  • The hiring process
Step 2:
Onboarding and Welcoming Students
  • Create a great first day experience
  • Cover important topics and clarify expectations
  • Welcome students to their new workplace
Step 3:
Managing Student Employees
  • Setting hours of work and attendance expectations
  • Recording work hours through web time entry
  • Training and mentoring of students
  • Evaluations and Recognition