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Admissions Counselors

Our friendly and knowledgeable admissions team is here to help you. Please contact us with any questions about applying to PSU. To identify your counselor, please select from the links below:

Meet an admissions counselor at your school. View our College Fair and High School Visit Schedule.

Shannon CarrExecutive Director, Office of Admissions and New Student Programs
Meet Shannon

Celeste KruegerDirector of  Undergraduate Recruitment
Meet Celeste

Robin Beavers Assistant Director for Diversity Recruitment
Meet Robin

Dave Kobzina - Senior Admissions Counselor
Meet Dave

Kelly CraigTransfer Admissions Specialist
Meet Kelly

Samuel E.C. Dunlop - International Admissions Counselor & Coordinator of International Communication
Meet Sam

Karen Hanson - Senior International Admissions Counselor
Meet Karen

Erin Jensen - Admissions Counselor
Meet Erin

Blake Red Elk - Admissions Counselor
Meet Blake

Luke H. Reyes White - Transfer Admissions Counselor
Meet Luke

Tania SanchezBilingual Admissions Counselor
Meet Tania

Justin Strohmeyer - Admissions Counselor
Meet Justin


Oregon Transfer Students

Last Name Starts With Letter:

A - L Luke H. Reyes White
M - Z Kelly Craig

Out-of-State Students


Alabama Dave Kobzina
Alaska Blake Red Elk
Arizona Tania Sanchez
Arkansas Blake Red Elk

(Zip 90000-93598)

Blake Red Elk
(Zip 93599-99999)
Dave Kobzina
Colorado Justin Strohmeyer
Connecticut Erin Jensen
Delaware Erin Jensen
District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.) Erin Jensen
Florida Dave Kobzina
Georgia Dave Kobzina
Hawaii Celeste Krueger
Idaho Erin Jensen
Illinois Blake Red Elk
Indiana Erin Jensen
Iowa Dave Kobzina
Kansas Blake Red Elk
Kentucky Erin Jensen
Louisiana Erin Jensen
Maine Erin Jensen
Maryland Erin Jensen
Massachusetts Erin Jensen
Michigan Dave Kobzina
Minnesota Dave Kobzina
Mississippi Blake Red Elk
Missouri Blake Red Elk
Montana Justin Strohmeyer
Nebraska Blake Red Elk
Nevada Dave Kobzina
New Hampshire Erin Jensen
New Jersey Erin Jensen
New Mexico Tania Sanchez
New York Dave Kobzina
North Carolina Dave Kobzina
North Dakota Blake Red Elk
Ohio Erin Jensen
Oklahoma Blake Red Elk
Pennsylvania Erin Jensen
Rhode Island Erin Jensen
South Carolina Dave Kobzina
South Dakota Blake Red Elk
Tennessee Dave Kobzina
Texas Robin Beavers
U.S. Territories Erin Jensen
Utah David Kobzina
Vermont Erin Jensen
Virginia Erin Jensen
Washington (98001-98601, 98801-99403)
Justin Strohmeyer
Washington-SW (98604-98687) Robin Beavers
West Virginia Erin Jensen
Wisconsin Dave Kobzina
Wyoming Dave Kobzina