Freedom Privacy and Technology (UNST 230)


This course introduces the Freedom, Privacy, and Technology cluster. Privacy and freedom are highly valued and are to some extent protected by the U.S. Constitution. Recent rapid advances in science and technology, combined with compelling motives to use this technology to control and exploit aspects of human life that have heretofore been left to chance or to individual choice, make urgent the questions about what uses of technology should be encouraged or permitted. This class is an opportunity to step back and consider the question of what is privacy? How is privacy constructed culturally? How do our values about privacy relate to our behaviors? How do our privacy concerns intersect with technology? In this students explore theories and concepts that they then apply to contemporary issues and use to reflect on their own relationship to privacy.


The aim of this cluster is to provide the knowledge that will enable those who complete the cluster to face thoughtfully the question of the appropriate use of and limitations upon modern technology. One important feature of the cluster is that it brings together actual sciences with humanistic and social science disciplines.

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  • Computer Science
  • History and Philosophy of Science
  • Law and Legal Studies
  • Philosophy

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Alex Sager Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy
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FAB 175-11
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