Featured ePortolio

Featured Student E-portfolio

Previously, the Office of Academic Innovation (OAI) celebrated its Annual PebblePad Portfolio Competition. The goal of the competition is to celebrate all of the hard work that’s been going on in one of our newest platforms: PebblePad!

To showcase all of the great things students and faculty have accomplished during the year, competitors submit their portfolios for review, ranking, and commenting by their peers, PSU faculty, and OAI staff.

Out of 12 awards given, University Studies faculty and students came away with 6 awards. 4 students won prizes reflecting their ability to design and showcase their critical thinking and interdisciplinary learning:

  • Hanh Nguyen, Best in Show
  • Trudy Chin and Nhan Duong, Writing & Reflection
  • Danielle Bettis, Best Design

Congratulations to our students on their successes!

Bailey Cooper

“Question everything.”

Bailey is a student in PSU’s Senior Inquiry course offered on the Reynolds High School campus. She is particularly interested in art therapy and art’s” healing properties on the human soul and brain.”

Bailey has also volunteered over 300 hours in the community at school and as youth coordinator of the volunteer organization Friends of Fairview.  She has taught water safety to young children and has a highly developed sense of responsibility and care for others.  

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.39.47 AM.png

Bailey’s portfolio is exemplary in the way that it is personalized and deeply reflective.  Her subtitles alone showcase her own take on each UNST goal and her critical thinking and connection to the learning.

Click here to view Bailey's portfolio in PebblePad


“Live like a waterfall...just keep going.”

Jennifer is an outgoing student in PSU’s Senior Inquiry course offered on the Reynolds High School campus. She is dedicated to the arts (she teaches violin) and to working in early childhood education and with students with disabilities. 

In exploring her digital identity, Jennifer explores the issue of respectful listening and using research to be more informed on current issues.  

Jennifer’s e-portfolio home page is an excellent example of the ways that students get creative in their visual representation of self.  The combination of imagery and video brings her portfolio reflection to life.

Click here to view Jeniffer's e-Portfolio in PebblePad

Hannah Meisenhelder

“I’m a 100 percenter.”

Hannah is a student in PSU’s Senior Inquiry course offered on the Reynolds High School campus. She loves the arts, especially graphic novels, and would rather “do a couple of things really well than twenty-million different things and never get any good at any of them.” 

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.57.31 AM.png

Hannah’s e-portfolio is vivid, with saturated colors and striking imagery.  Her honesty about her journey and her dreams for the future is inspiring.

Click here to view Hannah's e-Portfolio in PeddblePad