Environmental Sustainability (UNST 224)


This course introduces the Environmental Sustainability Cluster. A sustainable human society is one that satisfies its needs without jeopardizing the opportunity of future generations to satisfy theirs.  The challenge of how we achieve a sustainable society is a vital theme that unites the various disciplines within environmental studies.  A balanced combination of natural and social sciences is required if an adequate understanding of human interactions with environmental systems is to be achieved.  The course is designed to help students bridge the scientific approach to analyzing and solving environmental problems, the socioeconomic concerns involved in formulating and administering environmental policy, and the historic and philosophical basis of humanity’s relationship to ecosystems.  With the common goal of defining, characterizing and understanding environmental sustainability, the course identifies how each participating discipline can creatively contribute towards this end.


This cluster explores what we as humans are doing to our surroundings, the consequences of our actions, and what we should be doing to be more in harmony with the environment. By defining, characterizing, and understanding the environment, students will learn how to creatively promote and contribute to sustainability. They will accomplish this by investigating the possibilities of urban planning, studying literature and film, and analyzing the consequences of air and water pollution. Courses are designed to navigate a path through the scientific approach to analyze and solve environmental problems, socioeconomic concerns in environmental policy, and the historic and philosophical basis of our relationship to different ecosystems.

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Amy Larson Ph.D., Instructor of Environmental Sciences and Management
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