Tutoring Schedule

Our highly trained tutors can assist you with subjects that can often be difficult and required for a variety of majors across campus (math and statistics, sciences, economics, and world languages). Tutoring is offered on a drop-in basis on-campus and online.

You will find the tutor schedules on our home page.

Tutors work together with students to help them better understand concepts and empower independence in learning. Please respect the tutor's work by doing your own work before arriving for tutoring. Bring all texts, homework assignments, notes, etc. with you - tutors do not have all access to all the materials you may need for a successful tutoring session. 
We ask that you do the following before you come in for tutoring:
  • Attend class
  • Read all assigned readings for your homework first
  • Try all of your homework
  • Prepare specific questions
  • Read our Tutor-Student Expectations to gain the maximum result from each tutor session.

Please note that tutors are students themselves and, like you, they may get sick or experience emergencies. Thank you for understanding.

For help with writing, please see the Writing Center in 188F Cramer Hall, www.writingcenter.pdx.edu