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ROADS to Success

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ROADS to Success Presentation Series

There are steps we can take to improve how we learn, work, interact, and genuinely live. Each step we take can make the difference in how well we are able to create a balance that allows us to reach our goals, become empowered, and strengthen our successes. The ROADS to Success presentation series is designed to help students improve their academic performance, strengthen their goals, and become better learners. These sessions are interactive, informative, and impactful. 

All presentations are 25 minutes in length unless otherwise requested. Please use the links included within the description of each topic below to request one or more presentations. Allow us two weeks of lead time to customize the presentation for your class. We respond to requests within 1 - 2 business days.

Have another topic in mind?  We are here to help with that as well. Email us at with your ideas!

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Hello, Motivation...Where are You?: Do you ever wonder why you are so motivated in the beginning of the term and then your motivation begins to wane? This presentation will tackle motivation and offer some strategies to keep you motivated throughout the entire term.

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Self-Management - Taking Control of the Clock: Strategies for Time-Management: You can't control time, but you can control how you manage the time you have. This presentation explores steps you can take to organize your schedule, create a master calendar, and decrease the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Portland's Tillikum bridge with many cyclists on it.

SQ4R - An Active Reading Technique: Ever wonder how you can spend an hour reading something for class and nothing sticks? SQ4R is a reading methodology that actively engages the learner. This presentation will guide students through the process. Combine with an assigned reading to maximize the benefits.

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Study Smarter, Not Harder: Effective Study Techniques: Each of us studies a little differently, however it is important to always be actively engaged in our learning. This presentation will introduce self-regulation theory, as well as multiple active studying techniques.