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College Success

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What is College Success?

College Success is a comprehensive (3-credit) course designed to enhance academic success by helping students identify barriers that hinder their ability to achieve their academic, personal and/or professional goals. Using guided, reflective journaling as a self-discovery tool, students explore the seven non-cognitive competencies: self-advocacy, confidence, emotional intelligence, resilience, perseverance, self-control, and growth mindset. In addition, College Success offers the opportunity to gain cognitive skills (study strategies) based on principles of learning and thinking, which students are encouraged to integrate and apply in order to become engaged, effective, and empowered learners. Whether you are new to college, new to PSU (transfer student), or simply in need of a motivation jump start, there is much to gain from this course. 

Lower and upper division options available. College Success courses are listed under University Studies with the "UNST" prefix/subject indicator in Banweb.


Fall 2020 offerings:

Fully online 10-week course: UNST 194 - CRN 14910; UNST 394 - CRN 14911

Late start remote 6-week course (begins Week 5): UNST 194 - CRN 14892; UNST 394 - CRN 14891