In addition to our in-person tutoring, we also offer eTutoring online. You get to enjoy personalized attention from the same, peer tutors in the Learning Center, but with the added flexibility of working from home in the evenings!

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eTutoring Instructional Video

Table of Video Contents
The following times indentify specific points of references in the video. Use the video scroll to forward to your points of interest.

Recommended Equipment and Software 0:20
Logging in and Account Creation 1:08
Student Homepage 2:14
eQuestions 2:59
Resources 3:51
Loading eChat 4:19    
Starting a Tutoring Session 5:23
Sharing the eChat Room and Netiquette 6:45
Sharing Audio and Webcam 7:47


What is eTutoring and how does it work?

eTutoring is a multi-purpose, online tutoring platform that we have adapted (in collaboration with the Office of Academic Innovation) for use by PSU Students. Through this platform, students can get real-time help in live chat rooms (“eChat”) with our tutors or post specific questions (“eQuestions”) which tutors respond to as they become available. eChat provides the closest experience to in-person sessions, allowing you to interact with the tutor through shared audio, whiteboard, document uploads, screen-sharing and even optional webcam! eQuestions can only be submitted in text format, but you may post them at any time, and usually receive a reply from a qualified tutor within 1-2 business days. The eTutoring interface also provides links to free resources in your subject area (some tailored to PSU) which tutors have found to be most helpful for their students.

Who can use eTutoring?

Any PSU students enrolled in one or more undergraduate credits is technically eligible for eTutoring. However, note that tutors are best able to serve students in all courses listed on the schedule (anchor to schedule). Our tutors will nonetheless always try to help you to the best of their ability where they determine the content to be an appropriate match. If your needs are outside the scope of our eTutoring services, we may be able to direct you to other resources on campus.

Others who are currently not enrolled in PSU classes but have a card registered with Multnomah County Library can use their free online tutoring service available daily from 2-10pm. Call 503-988-5234 for more information about this service.

How do I get Started?

You can access eTutoring from any device with a modern web browser and Adobe Flash Player installed. You will generally get the best experience if you’re using Firefox on a full desktop or laptop computer (e.g., with Windows 7+ or Mac OS X).

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