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UVDF Application

UVDF applications are currently being accepted on a rolling basis by IIP.  

To apply under the Promotion or Development Fund (internal awards), please submit to the Director of IIP a 3-5 page proposal and an indication of the fund to which you are applying (Development, Promotion).  Please follow the proposal guidelines below.  Additional application materials may be requested on a project by project basis.

To apply under the Facilitator Fund (external awards to PSU start-ups), please submit to the Director of IIP a business case, company financials, and a proposal of sufficient lentgh to address the proposal guidelines below.  Additional application materials may be requested on a project by project basis. 


Promotion and Development Funds: These UVDF programs are only available to PSU faculty, staff, students, research teams.  The Principal Investigator for internal awards must have a PSU academic appointment; however, the PI may allocate funding under certain programs to non-PSU employees as set forth in the proposal and approved in the budget.  The projects proposed must be related to innovations previously disclosed to IIP and whose intellectual property is managed by IIP.

Facilitator Funds:  This UVDF program is available to PSU research-based start up companies that have taken a license to PSU owned intellectual property.

Funding Guidelines

The amount of funding available per project will be dependent on the overall funding available in any given year.  Typically, Promotion Fund applications range from $1000 to $3000, Development Fund applications range from $10000 to $20000, and Facilitator Funds may range higher depending on the needs of the start-up company and the availability of funds.  The general principal should always be to target funds to tasks where small amounts of funding can have the most impact.  Individual proposed projects are not expected to take more than one year to complete, although with the proper justification, and subject to fund availability, higher amounts over multiple years will be considered.

Conflicts of Interest

The university community is aware of potential conflicts of interest that may arise as a direct result of this program.  Potential grant awards will be screened for conflicts of interest.  No award will be made if an identified conflict of interest cannot be eliminated or managed.  

Proposal Elements

Please include in the proposal: a description of the technology or innovation being supported, team information, appropriate milestones, budget justification for major items, applicable due diligence, and enough information to address the evaluation criteria below.

Evaluation Criteria

For Development and Promotion Funds, IIP will consider: commercial and technological viability, potential for a license to enable impact of the technology, potential for an Oregon-based start-up, likelihood of success of a start-up venture or commercial relationship, and the strength of the research team.

For Facilitator Funds, IIP facilitates an external UVDF review committee comprised of selected individuals from the angel and venture capital, entrepreneurial, and business communities.  The committee reviews the business case, financials, and proposal from the PSU start-up company applicant based on the criteria below and recommends granting or withholding funding.  The committee also provides valuable feedback to the applicant. 

Business Case Does the applicant have a reasonable business case and financial model?  Do they have clients or customers lined up?   

Funding or Path to Funding Does the applicant have necessary funding or a reasonable path to obtain funding?  Will UVDF funds increase the likelihood of follow-on funding?

Executive Management Does the applicant have credible executive management for their stage of development?

Technology Development Plan Does the applicant have a reasonable technology development plan?

Timeframe How likely is it that the submitters will be able to accomplish their stated scope of work in the time allotted?

Commercial Potential Does the technology have high commercial potential?

Impact Potential Does the technology have high social impact potential?

Oregon-Based Opportunity How valuable is this opportunity to Oregon?

Funding Decision

Based on the recommendations of IIP and the UVDF review committee, the Vice President for Research and Strategic Partnerships will make final funding decisions.  The Vice President, at his or her sole discretion, may change the amount of funding recommended by IIP at the time of the award, but not thereafter.

Project Monitoring

IIP will work with the PI, research group, or company to ensure that diligent progress is being made toward achieving the milestones.  Progress on the projects, and final reports on the projects, shall be reported to the Vice President for Research and Strategic Partnerships and external groups.

Company Obligations

In exchange for receiving UVDF Facilitator Funds, the State of Oregon would like companies to remain in Oregon for at least 5 years.  If a company leaves Oregon after accepting the funds but prior to 5 years, the company will be expected to pay back the funds.  Also, as an evergreen mechanism for the UVDF, the company may be obligated to pay back the funds upon certain revenue or investment milestones.