Innovation & Intellectual Property

Increasing the impact of PSU innovations through the tool of intellectual property

Innovation & Intellectual Property

Innovation and Intellectual Property is responsible for protecting and managing patentable and copyrighted works developed in the course of PSU research activities. We serve PSU faculty, students, and staff by promoting the use and increasing the impact of innovations developed in the course of research activities. By working with IIP, PSU innovators create lasting impacts on our world.

In many cases, copyright licensing revenue supports the personnel and other costs necessary to maintain a program that provides long term value to our partners. This work promotes ongoing program sustainability, allowing the innovation to be part of the future of PSU’s impact.

The impact of patentable innovations can take several forms. PSU will work with the inventors to determine if the invention can be licensed or could result in an industry partnership to further develop the technology. In some cases, a startup company is the best opportunity to take the innovation to market, while also creating additional impacts of jobs and sales revenue coming back to the State of Oregon.

Propel PSU


As part of Propel PSU, Innovation & Intellectual Property (IIP) works with the Portland State Business Accelerator and the Center for Entrepreneurship to help our community of innovators make the biggest impact possible. Propel brings together intellectual property expertise, entrepreneurship training, and business mentoring to support PSU innovators.

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