PSBA + PSU Since 2007

  • 140 sci/tech startups incubated (70% still active)
  • 14 PSU spinouts
  • 1,200+ students engaged in Capstones, internships, jobs
  • Grad cos + residents = 2,000+ high wage jobs
  • $180M capital raised
  • $75M+ revenue generated

Current Companies


AirOmatix is technology-based startup company focusing on selective oxygen capture and release for medicinal, recreational, and industrial use.


APDM provides technologies and services for automation, data management, and instrumentation in clinical trials, and especially movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease. These technologies include innovative measures of mobility that use wireless, wearable, synchronized movement monitors equipped with triaxial accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers.


Aquastry creates innovative clean, green, and sustainable solutions for water and wastewater.

Captis Biotechnology

Captis Biotechnology, Inc. is a diagnostics company with the mission of commercializing discoveries that address major challenges in disease and pharmaceutical detection and monitoring. The technologies developed by Captis research and diagnostics towards  treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s.

Continuous Solutions

Continuous Solutions builds and designs the most efficient and effective electric motors and drives utilizing state of the art design optimization algorithms bridging the gap between academic research and industry practice through development design and research.

Edgewise Therapeutics

Edgewise Therapeutics is a new company harnessing proven expertise and understanding of skeletal muscle physiology to develop novel, transformative therapies for serious muscle diseases.

Elex Biotech

ELEX Biotech designs and develops small molecule pharmaceutical drugs for the management of cardiovascular and related diseases. The initial product focuses on ventricular arrhythmia, a significant cause of death in the U.S. and worldwide.


Fluxmagic develops magnetic gearing that improves mechanical functions.


iFlipd is a weekly textbook rental platform bringing affordable options to college students.


IRPI develops advanced technologies for human space exploration. Focus areas included life support systems, environmental control, food production, space biology, and propellant management in microgravity and partial gravity environments including Moon and Mars.

liberator Fund

The Liberator Fund is a leading edge investment model based on a world class propriety investment process, technology innovation and advanced geopolitical expertise.  It applies breakthrough financial returns to clients through quantitative strategies that significantly increase the probability of consistently achieving above average returns for non-discretionary investor accounts. In addition, the organization identifies a strategic imperative as an Oregon social impact benefit company.

Lite Devices

Lite Devices develops distributed sensor systems for use in wildfire detection and environment monitoring.


Opto Osram Semiconductors is one of the key players in the global optoelectronic semiconductor market.

pdx code guild

PDX Code Guild offers developer boot camps and professional services. Bootcamps are immersive, hands-on developer training programs. Students build their portfolio and receive individualized attention. Professional Services is a web development studio that specializes in prototyping, web & mobile apps.


SellGo is a data analytics startup helping Amazon sellers to prosper.


Sightline Applications delivers cutting-edge onboard video processing systems. The SLA family of products are DSP-based, embedded systems well-suited for airborne and ground video applications which demand high performance in a small, light, low-power packages.

Stark Street

Stark Street Materials produces alternatives to lead aprons

Titania Purification: water purification with the power of light. Fresh water is our most important resource, but its freshness is under siege. Our titanium based catalysts break down organic contaminants that elude traditional purification techniques to appease even the highest standards.


The TOVA Company provides a computerized test of attention that assists in the screening, diagnosis, and treatment monitoring of attention disorders, like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

TURA enables faster prototyping and operationalization of next-gen AI systems on IoT smart devices.


Ventacity Systems is passionate about making buildings healthier, more efficient, and smarter. Ventacity’s family of ultra-efficient ventilation products are enabling a new generation of energy-efficient HVAC designs for new buildings and replacing rooftop unit-driven HVAC systems in existing buildings.