Research at Portland State

At Portland State University, our students and faculty are taking on the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Research is how we "let knowledge serve." Working together, we're making communities smarter and more sustainable because our city is our home as well as our laboratory. We address local, regional, and global issues like climate change and homelessness. We explore the boundaries of life on earth and beyond, develop treatments for disease, and investigate our world. We engineer resilient cities, design intelligent IT systems, and invent new technologies. Our research improves business practices, informs decision-makers, and supports the most vulnerable among us. We share a commitment to free and open inquiry, taking a multidisciplinary approach to research that spans arts to engineering, molecular biology to education. At Portland State, we go for groundbreaking and bring the future into focus through research. 

Laboratory research


PDXScholar makes the research, scholarship, and creative works of Portland State University faculty, staff, and students easily discoverable and available to anyone, anywhere in the world. This repository of research contains faculty and student publications, undergraduate and graduate theses and dissertations, and much more.