E-commerce is growing, and with it, entrepreneurial opportunity.


E-commerce is growing, and with it, entrepreneurial opportunity.  

Sellgo is a startup company focused on helping new and seasoned e-commerce entrepreneurs navigate success in the world’s largest online marketplace: Amazon.

Sellgo operates within the e-commerce sector. According to the 2019 data from the U.S. Census Bureau, e-commerce accounted for about 20% of retail sales before the COVID-19 pandemic restricted in-person retail access. As the world shut down for COVID-19, Amazon recorded a significant increase in sales, equating to nearly $10,000 per second. As of June 2020, Amazon’s net worth is over $1 trillion.

As e-commerce becomes more central to consumer behavior, the opportunity for e-commerce entrepreneurship is high, especially for third-party sellers wanting to utilize Amazon’s network of dedicated shoppers.

Richard Prasojo, CEO of Sellgo, understands firsthand the importance of harnessing this customer base’s power--he was a seller on Amazon for several years. During his time as an Amazon seller, he began to think of a systemic approach that could maximize his market share.  He realized he could create solutions that could bring value to other Amazon sellers. To make those changes a reality, he launched Sellgo, a cloud-based solution company. The product launched in January 2020 and offers data and automation tools that assess products to help Amazon sellers scale their business, sell more profitable items, and obtain more market dominance.

“What sets Sellgo apart is our scalable engineering,” says Prasojo. “That is our core competency.” 

Sellgo focuses on supporting Amazon private label sellers, who design their brand for products manufactured elsewhere, and wholesalers--the sellers who purchase bulk branded products from another manufacturer, supplier, or distributor to resell to consumers. Prasojo says that while wholesale and private label sales are both lucrative on Amazon, it requires considerable time and effort to succeed in the highly competitive marketplace. To support their customers, Sellgo captures, analyzes, and tracks billions of data points and offers insights into how sellers can increase their revenue and find the most profitable items to sell. For wholesalers, some of whom manage hundreds of thousands of products, this insight is extremely valuable. Sellgo optimizes sellers’ decisions on investment returns and makes Big Data work harder for users’ benefit.

“I want to make e-commerce more accessible for everyone, whether you’re a mom, a veteran, a student, or an individual who sees the opportunity that e-commerce can provide,” says Prasojo.

Sellgo received $1 million in venture capital in 2019 and is currently in residence at Portland State Business Accelerator. According to Prasojo, his company experienced a jump-start due to the professional affiliation the Accelerator provides.

While many small businesses face an uncertain future, Prasojo is optimistic about the future of e-commerce.
“2020 is a hustle economy year for everyone, and the pandemic was an unexpected catalyst,” he says, “Soon there will be many more small businesses and brands in e-commerce, and we want to make better Amazon sellers. Start your hustle today!”

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