PSU employees have a responsibility to disclose to IIP any inventions they make.

As a condition of employment, all employees are responsible for disclosing to the Board (through IIP) all inventions and technological improvements made during the conduct of normal activities. The IMD states that employees and other persons who conceive or develop inventions while engaged in activities utilizing institutional resources shall report such findings to the institutional official (IMD 6.225).

IIP understands that employees may not always know or recognize when an innovation may or may not be patentable, and we encourage faculty and staff to contact us to explore this possibility with regard to their projects. Also, although these rules only require disclosure of inventions made “during the conduct of normal activities” or conceived or developed with institutional resources, PSU requires the disclosure of ALL inventions so that we can fulfill our responsibility to proactively determine if the university has any interest and provide a waiver if applicable - see Waivers for more information.

If you have an invention you would like to disclose for a patentability assessment, please visit our Inventor Portal, or contact us directly.