Ken Ruoff

Professor of History and Director, Center for Japanese Studies

Fields of Expertise:
modern East Asia, especially Japan

Ken Ruoff is a specialist in the modern history of East Asia, especially Japan.  His scholarship has garnered many awards, including Japan’s equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize. His present project is a history of the political right in postwar Japan.  He teaches a range of courses about Modern East Asia.  

Courses taught:

  • HST 322, Modern East Asia
  • HST 323, Modern Korea
  • HST 390 Japan/China/Korea (the two Koreas) Relations in a Global Context
  • HST 421/521, Topics in Modern Japanese History
  • HST 422/522, Topics in Postwar Japanese History, 1945-present
  • HST 490/590, Comparative World History
  • HST422:  Wartime and Postwar Japan, with a special focus on the far right
  • Ph.D.
    Columbia University
  • A.B.
    Harvard College