Challenge Program

Welcome to Portland State University's Challenge Program

Challenge is a nationally accredited dual credit program, that started in 1976, for accelerated students (minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA) to take PSU courses at their high schools, earning both high school and PSU credit. 

Challenge’s mission is equivalency of experience to the campus course, academically and culturally. To this end: 

  • Instructors meet PSU department adjunct credentials.
  • Instructors have more academic freedom than those for which college credit is dependent on an exam score, and students are not sidelined by weeks of test-taking preparation
  • Courses are catalog-listed and in advance of regular high school courses, which facilitate credit transfer and credits that "count."
  • Faculty members partner with instructors, visiting their classrooms and coming together for departmental workshops that build a community of support and shared information.
  • Class visits to campus familiarize students with a large college campus and student resources such as the library, smoothing the transition to college.
  • National accreditation provides evidence of the quality of our program which helps in the transfer of credit nationally.

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Winter registration open until February 26th, 2019.


Challenge Program 2018-19 Deadlines

Term      Mapping       Reg. Deadline    Drop Deadline    Withdrawal Deadline

Fall         Quarter          Oct 9, 2018        Oct 25, 2018        Nov 20, 2018   

               Semester       Oct 9, 2018        Nov 8, 2018         Dec 6, 2018

               Year-long      Oct 9, 2018        Dec 13, 2018       Apr 4, 2019

Winter    Quarter          Feb 26, 2019      Mar 6, 2019         Mar 13, 2019

               Semester       Feb 26, 2019      Mar 20, 2019       Apr 17, 2019

Spring    Quarter         Apr 16, 2019       May 1, 2019        May 8, 2019


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