Lower Division Courses

These courses, at the 100- and 200-level, are intended as introductory surveys for first- and second-year students, although students of any standing are welcome to enroll.

A maximum of 20 credits worth of these courses may be applied to the major. Courses in bold are offered every year.


Upper division courses, 300-level

These courses are meant to serve as introductions to specific fields. No prior experience with subject matter is expected or required.

Courses marked with a 'U' suffix correspond to clusters, and help fulfill the general education requirements for UNST. Courses in bold are offered every year. 

tabula peutingeriana

Upper division courses, 400-level

These courses are more focused, intensive explorations of historical fields, including independent studies (reserved for students in the Honors in History program), reading and research seminars, and other advanced topics courses. Courses in bold are offered every year.


Graduate-level courses, 500-level

Courses numbered 500 and above are reserved for graduate students. Students need not be formally accepted into the MA Program in History at PSU to register for these courses.