Since 1932, the Pacific Historical Review
has been one of the leading scholarly journals in the United States
and the premier historical journal on the Pacific Coast of the United States.

When established the Pacific Historical Review sought out “articles on the western states of both North and South America, on the islands of the sea, and on the new and old countries of Australia, and Japan, China and Asiatic Russia.”[1] The PHR dedicated itself to “demand an honest historical purpose of its contributors, and competence in the investigation and presentation of their subjects.”[2]

For over eighty years, the PHR has adeptly covered the rich history of the North American West and the peoples and cultures of the Pacific World including Asia, Latin America, and beyond. Published quarterly, the PHR showcases work that explores cross-cultural and comparative studies, race and ethnicity, the history of empire and imperialism, environmental history, gender and sexuality, and other germane topics. Today, the Pacific Historical Review continues to expand its vision to include new and developing fields of history and remains committed to the highest standards of research and scholarship as one of the premier peer reviewed academic journals in the world. 

The PHR relies on the important work of graduate student fellows, interns, and other student workers and is proud to host The Caroline P. Stoel Graduate Editorial Fellowship, endowed in 2001 by the Stoel Family, the Wessinger Foundation, Ann and William Swindells, Edmund and Harriett Hayes, and Robert and Cecilia Huntington, which provides educational and practical training in publishing for the student selected. The PHR also hosts The John and Laree Caughey Graduate Fellowship thanks to an annual donation from the John and Laree Caughey Foundation and the generous support of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Continuing a unique relationship with the talented undergraduates of the Portland State University Honors College, the PHR also hosts the Honors College Editorial Fellowship.

The PHR Staff welcomes you to our site here at Portland State University which has hosted and generously supported the mission of academic excellence and peer reviewed scholarship since 1996 as part of the History Department and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

— Marc S. Rodriguez, Professor and Editor of the Pacific Historical Review


[1] “Comment and Historical News,” Pacific Historical Review, Volume 1, Number 1, (March, 1932), 136.
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